Fuzzy? Mac Air MiniDP/HDMI vs. Samsung Syncmaster P2770HD

What a lovely lead, eh? But I had a heck of a time finding my answer, and while I never did find precisely what I wanted via search engines, I did get enough of a hint that I finally figured it out.

I have Agog, this Mac Air. It’s got Thunderbolt/Mini Display Port output and I’ve got a MiniDP-to-HDMI adapter. I also have this 27″ HDMI + DVI Samsung Syncmaster P2770HD display. Here’s the problem: When I connected the Air to the Syncmaster at full resolution, the screen image was displayed with about “half an inch” missing at the top and bottom. To get the whole screen displayed, I had to muck with the over/underscan setting in the Display Settings dialog. That would get me to where I could see the menu bar and the whole doc, but at far too great a cost: fuzzy, fuzzy display. Hinky for pictures, awful for text.

There was lots of griping in the assorted forums that I found talking about this issue, but no one had the right answer. Some extremely helpful folks said, “Well, it works for me!” Isn’t that special!

But someone was writing about menu settings … on the display. I had tried and failed with Auto Adjustment – it appears not to have any effect for the digital input modes on this monitor. However, I found the fix: Menu -> Size & Position -> Image Size. It was set to 16:9. When I changed it to “Screen Fit”, the magic happened. Now I have the Air happily displaying crisp text and images on this big screen, which is a good thing.

Hopefully this helps someone else down the road. Ciao!

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