Update: Dortmunder

Anthony commented on one of the early pictures of Dortmunder, asking “How does your new computer behave?”

Unremarkably is perhaps the best answer – in that there’s nothing to remark on, it just keeps ticking on. It’s currently acting as my home IMAPS server (dovecot), as well as an IRC (irssi) launching spot that stays connected in a screen session.

Agog:~ bilbrey$ ssh dortmunder
Last login: Thu Aug  9 17:40:36 2012 from
[bilbrey@dortmunder ~]$ w
 17:41:11 up 25 days, 20:38,  1 user,  load average: 0.11, 0.04, 0.05
bilbrey  pts/3     17:41    0.00s  0.15s  0.04s w
[root@dortmunder pacman.d]# pacman -Qu | wc -l

And given that Arch is a rolling-release Linux distro, I’m not surprised that there are 68 packages awaiting update. But not right now. Now it’s time to feed the mutt.

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