Should Be True

A great start to ten days before I go back to the office: I was up at 0500, and driving Marcia to the airport. She’s off to Michigan for a baby shower. I declined to attend, however. I’m going to attempt NOT to rise at that hour again for a week or so!

Now, here’s a reminder that Marcia is job hunting, and would appreciate legit leads for a new gig.

*      *      *

New Feature: Should-Be-True Facts.

As I was dropping off to sleep last night, I had one of my weird little non sequitur thoughts, and I managed to remember it. It clearly drops into the category of “Should-Be-True Facts,” so here’s the inaugural SBTF:

The myth: Dog saliva helps heal wounds on humans.

The SBTF: Dog saliva has enzymes in it that selectively digest human neurons. The effect is that the wound “hurts less,” which is perceived by the partially digested human as “healing.”

The long term viability of this new site feature is entirely dependent on my ability to remember and transcribe such oddities whenever they occur to me. Good luck with that, me!

*      *      *

Today is dedicated to schoolwork, so I’d best get to it. Ciao!

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