Cabinet done

The completed cabinet

The completed cabinet

The completed cabinet shows off it’s party piece – a slide-out tray to make the computers easier to work on. Given the placement of the heavy stuff, though, it’s clear I had to cleat the top of the unit to a stud in the wall – the weight of the two computers was enough to start it tilting forward. I’d expected that, but “tested” it, anyway. One computer, fine. Two? Not so much. It’s also worth noting that I’ve got a half inch of dense closed-cell foam buffer between the computers and the tray, to cut down on vibration transfer – that helps keep the noise down in here.

I got that install done, and got a couple of flats of flowers installed in the front beds today. The weather? Not frosty … more like mid-eighties. Sigh. Time to unwind. Ciao!

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