At 1100 this morning:

Front left fence, before work started

Front left fence, before work started

The gates are staying. The four fence sections, two to each side, they’re toast.

I cut them off the posts. The posts are in fine shape on this side of the house. So I measured and cut and clamped and screwed new horizontal 2×4 PT lumber onto the posts, then nailed PT fence boards up. Fortunately, I’m using a nail gun, instead of a hammer. Otherwise I might still be out there now. Instead, at 1530 EDT:

New fencing installed

New fencing installed

I might have kept working, but it was starting to rain, so I hauled all the tools inside the shed, instead. I’ve still got to get the top detail done, arching the tops to roughly match the gates. In a couple of weeks, if the lumber’s dried out a bit, I’ll coat them with an Olympic Maximum stain/sealer in a natural cedar tone tint. Also, there’s the entire left right front fence still to do, and I know I’m replacing at least one post on that side.

Tomorrow’s weather looks sane, so I may give it a go. Ciao!

Edit: Whoops, no I won’t be working on the fence tomorrow. Tomorrow is a Solaris patching day for me. And it’s the front fence on the RIGHT side of the house that still needs doing…

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