23 September 2021

Not Dead Yet

Nor am I likely to be, soon. It has been a long hiatus, and yes, there’s been a service outage here. I managed to fix it for my site, but both of Marcia’s are still incommunicado, and it’s very confusing as to why that is the case. Weirdly, the logging isn’t providing nearly what I expect to see, so I can’t tell why things aren’t working. Are the logs just being buffered because computers hate me? Maybe that’s it.

There’s big news in the offing, but the time is not yet ripe. Bear with us for a while longer.

Recent events: Roasting coffee (a Honduras), did our Fall cleaning and had a big yard sale before Fall even started, and waiting for the new Dr. Who series to drop.

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One Response to 23 September 2021

  1. RickH says:

    “500” errors are a pain to diagnose. (It’s a “gee, something went wrong, but I’m not going to tell you why.”)

    As I suspect you already know, you have to look in the request error log. I’m having 500’s on Robert’s site, and the log file is in the “/logs/[domain[/[https shortcut]’

    In my case, there are some firewall rules that are causing the 500. But I’m a bit over my head at that point, so haven’t figured out why. They are very intermittent.