21 November 2023

Winter, Reporting for Duty

Not Winter, just yet, but it is swinging the bat in the on-deck circle. We’re getting regular overnight lows in the teens (°F), and the smaller ponds and lakes are starting to ice over as the colder temps take hold. The bulk of the leaves are cleared or mulched in – I have one more round of that work to do, probably over the holiday weekend.

We didn’t miss out on the fall color, though it has come and gone…

Fall color - the leaves changing color on the trees, reds, oranges, and yellows, reflected in the pond in the foreground.
Fall Color

We had a smattering of snow three weeks back, and perhaps a quarter inch fallen on the ninth, some of which stuck. Not enough to write home about, though. Yet.

Georgia is cherishing time laying in the sun, indoors:

Georgia, our black-on-white american bully mix rescue dog, laying in one of the dog beds, in a patch of sun.
Georgia the sun dog

Enough catch up for now, more later. Be well.

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