24 May 2022

A Sad Day

A sad day for Texas. Another sad day for a world in which the right answer for anyone is to go shoot a bunch of kids. Breaks my heart.


We got out on the boat on Saturday. Marcia caught the first fish, before she ran out of steam, on a warm day out on the water. I went back out and caught two more, the biggest being this 1lb 11oz monster small mouth bass. A purposeful catch, too – I saw a spawning bed, knew at this time of year a fish was likely right nearby. I cast a small worm past the bed and dragged it slowly across, tricking with wily fish. Brought it in quickly, weighed, picture, and right back in the water to finish the business of making more bass…

Captured a small mouth bass on Cobbosseecontee Lake …

It was a fun day out. Sunday was mostly chores around the house, and a bit of visiting with Nancy…

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